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  • Yes very helpfully
  • Mr Cohen is very caring and has given me my life back.
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    I completed the Bury 10k today following hip surgery in January. 58 minutes 5 seconds.

    Thanks again, I’ve got a new lease of life!
  • 16th August 2021 had a hip replacement. The level of care and professionalism has been excellent. I expected it to be good but they surpassed in every way possible.

    The surgeon, Mr Cohen, is a gentleman and is everything you would expect from his profession.

    The day to day care particularly from Lisa and my physio Charlotte has been first class. All the staff have been praiseworthy but these two are the ones I saw the most of.

    The catering and food dispelled any doubts I might have had about ‘hospital food’.

    If anyone needs a hip replacement this is the place to come.
  • I had partial knee surgery on the 22nd of January, the surgery went really well. My recovery has been exceptional. My other knee now needs doing and I would wait for Mr Cohen to perform the operation. Thank you Mr Cohen for your expertise.
  • I would like to thank you Mr Cohen for all your care and expertise. I know I was in very safe hands because I believe you are one of God’s very special people. Thank you.
  • Marvellous. No trouble at all after my hip replacement. I’m pain free thanks to Mr Cohen. Smashing!!!
  • I broke my hip when I fell last month. Mr Cohen was marvellous, as were the staff. So caring.
  • I was diagnosed with a hip problem as a child and had many operations as an infant/child. I did ok until recently when I developed arthritis in my late teens. I chose Mr Cohen to do my hip replacement because of his reputation and caring nature. Two weeks after Mr Cohen replaced my hip I stopped taking pain killers for the first time in years and my legs are the same length again. Thank you so much!
  • I feel champion!!! Only six weeks after my hip replacement I’ve forgotten I’ve had it done. It feels normal again. Thank you Mr Cohen for a pain free life.